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LIGA TEREZIN מכבי עמק חפר יום ו,22/10/2010 09:00 - 13:30
Nesharim Jugendfuersorge Hagibor Terezin Maccabi Praha Blau-Weiss Arsenal

מהלך הטורניר
Arsenal 2 0 0 5 2 6
Maccabi Pra 1 0 1 3 3 3
Blau-Weiss 0 0 2 2 5 0
Jugendfuers 1 1 0 3 1 4
Nesharim 1 1 0 3 2 4
Hagibor Ter 0 0 2 3 6 0
חצי גמר 1

סיקורי המשחקים
בית א' Arsenal  3  :  1 Blau-Weiss

The game opened Group A brought together Arsenal and Blau-Weiss. The game was in Arsenal's control, until the first half they found the net twice in the first attack Jeff Eyes kicked accurate ball to the right corner of the net. two minutes later Arsnal scored Their second goal leo Efron with a kick out of clutter and 2-0 to Arsenal. In the second half the game continued to be in control of Arsenal and David Walton was honored to score the third goal. Before the end of the game the Blau-Weiss reduced the result whan Ofer Pushed the ball into his his own goal 3:1 in the end of the game.
בית א' Arsenal  2  :  1 Maccabi Praha

Arsenal's second game introduced her with Maccabi Prague. The first half was equal but one great move of yariv when he threw his defender to the left and kicking hard to connect the goal. The half result 1:0 to Arsenal.
In the second half the team from Prague made pressure, but despite all the pressure they did they endanger the Arsenal goal. Arsenal won 1:0 at the end of the game and promise the first place in group A.
בית א' Blau-Weiss  1  :  2 Maccabi Praha

The game ended the Group A met Maccabi Prague and Blau-Weiss a crucial game to determine the second rising from it. Blau-Weiss Know they must win because of an inferior goal difference. Maccabi Prague found the net twice in the first half when Daniel took advantage of poor out of the goalkeeper to roll the ball in front of an empty goal. immediately followed David Jorge scored the second goal of Prague and in the end of the first half the score is 2-0. Just before the end of the game Maori scored penalty and in the end Maccabi Prague win 2:1 and they continue to the semi final.

The game started the Group B introduced between Jugendfuersorge and Hagibor Terezin. The first half was controlled by one party when Jugendfuersorge came into score opportunity of any attack. First goal was scored by a Adam Karen who Received good delivery from Oded Breda and in front the goalkeeper rolled the ball to the left. Two minutes later, Carlos Reyes found the second goal. Right before half time Oded Breda scored his first goal in the tournament and its 3:0 in the half.
In the second half we didn’t get Hagibor won an own goal and Jugendfuersorge win 3:1.
בית ב' Jugendfuersorge  0  :  0 Nesharim

In the second game at home and brought together Jugendfuersorge and Nesharim. The first half took place mainly in the center court with both teams failed to reach dangerous situations at the goal. The most dangerous situation was a header of ODED walking near the post.
In the second half Nesharim increased the pressure But the pressure has not led to opertunting to goals and at the end a draw reset goals.
בית ב' Hagibor Terezin  2  :  3 Nesharim

The game ended the Group B met Hagibor Terezin and Nesharim. The Nesharim Knew that a draw is enough for them to get the semi-finals yet they press and within a few minutes later, Ramon and Nir scored quick goals each. Amos scored two goals that have returned Hagibor Terezin to the game. despite all attempts of Hagibor Terezin
Nesharim scored the last goal in the final attack of the game a goal that send them to the next stage.
חצי גמר 1 Nesharim  0  :  2 Arsenal

After a short discussion on some players started to pitch up semi final game between Arsenal and Nesharim. Arsenal Continued to show great ability as a preliminary stage and two smart moves they were able to secure their place in the finals before the break. The first step was long ball to Yoav who scored whit strong kick in one touch and its 1:0. David Walton scored his second in the tournament and actually finished this game and Arsenal in the final.
חצי גמר 2 Jugendfuersorge  1  :  0 Maccabi Praha

The second semifinal game brought together the Jugendfuersorge and Maccabi Prague. The game is not particularly high level and the teams usually did not require to provide stops while almost all the balls went out of frame. The threats went goalkeeping saved frame. When it seemed that the game goes to extra time Itzik received the ball wide on the right side he past one player and kicked the ball to the other side of the goalkeeper and scored a wining goal for Jugendfuersorge.
גמר Jugendfuersorge  0  :  1 Arsenal

Finals of the tournament brought together Jugendfuersorge and Arsenal. Both teams reached the final game when they did not lose a game in the previous steps and Arsenal didnt snatched even a single goal. Both teams play in the fourth when they were tired from the great effort invested. The most dangerous situation of Arsenal David Walton was in front of goalkeeper he sent accurate ball inside the left corner. minute left in the game Oded Breda received a ball in front the goalkeeper and kicked from a good place in one touch over the cross bar. At the end Arsenal win the tournament with four wins.
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ניהול: ברק ליאון
צילום: איתי קרייס

דירוג סופי
1. Arsenal Lucky Arsenal, like always
2. Jugendfuersorge Peter's team
3. Nesharim Rim-Rim-Rim they called
4. Maccabi Praha Prague Jewish pride
5. Blau-Weiss Zionist youth movement
5. Hagibor Terezin Established in the Ghetto

סיכום הטורניר
On a sunny Friday, 6 teams named after the Ghetto Theresienstadt teams played together;
There were no referees, the teams were a mixture of players from Israel, Argentine and England and this was what made the day happy and quite sentimental;
Peter Erben, one of the last players from the original LIGA TEREZIN gave us his perspective about football and hope in those days;
All the participants felt proud and lucky to take part in this event today.


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